Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Money Transfer service enters Ghanaian market

A new money transfer service that caters for transfers from the US, enters the market on Wednesday with a package that organisers say is "an affordable way of remitting money to Ghanaians".

Liberty Transfer International, a Chicago-based company, would be the first ever flat fee money transfer service in Ghana, Mr William Adjovu, an official of the company, told the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Tuesday.

"Liberty Money Transfer offers senders in the United States an affordable way of remitting money to Ghana by charging a flat fee of just $6.95, irrespective of the amount being sent," he said.

"Liberty Money Transfer is the cheapest way to send money to Ghana from America," he added.

Mr Adjovu said Liberty Transfer International was registered with the US Department of Treasury and Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as a money transmitter adding that it was fully insured.

He said senders could use any of three ways offered when sending money - going on line, calling toll free US number 1-800-357-5837 or sending a text of the amount and the recipient's mobile number to US number 1-312-731-2294.

Mr Ajovu said the company also sent free SMS alerts to both sender and recipient when the money was sent and picked up.

He said recipients could pick up transfers from Ghana Commercial Bank or Merchant Bank with customers at these banks having their transfers directly deposited into their bank accounts. The company said there were 200 pickup locations throughout Ghana.

"We believe this new, convenient and affordable way to send money to Ghana will offer relief to Ghanaians from expensive charges incurred when remitting money to loved ones."


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